From the top of Mt. Coolum

Upon arriving to Maroochydore and going out for my inaugural stroll along the shore, I couldn’t help but keep my focus on the mountain just across the sea. When I found out that this beauty, referred to as  Mt. Coolum, was just about a 20 minute car ride away, it was instantly moved to the top of my “Marochydore Bucket List”.


Just a quick drive or a 30 minute trip on bus 620, there was no question about it, I was going to spend my morning on the tops of Mt. Coolum. And what a way to begin my morning it was! Besides for the captivating sights within the national park itself, the beauty of Mount Coolum, is that you don’t need to set aside the whole day to tackle this beast. We set out at 6am and were back two and a half hours later just in time for a full day to spend relaxing sea side.




We took our leisurely time to climb up, have a bit of brekkie, and snap some photos. But there were certainly some experienced pros out on their regular hour morning jog. After passing us several times, one young gentleman in his 70’s was on his 5th lap to the top! The newly added steps for the duration of the hike makes the trek suitable for most ages and fitness levels.


And to add to its beauty even more, there stands to be a great deal of aboriginal significance attached to this mountain. The legend that I had heard highlights the love story between an aboriginal girl Maroochy and her lover, Coolum. A fierce warrior Ninderry soon came to brake up their love and take Maroochy away. After receiving word, Coolum came to the rescue but was struck by Ninderry’s rage which is how Coolum’s body formed into the well known mountain.

All in all, i’d say it was a rather successful trip to Mt. Coolum, and I’d certainly be keen on doing it again!