The Organic Sundeck Gardens

Ian Trew on Organics…

Here at Sundeck Gardens we aim to be as organic as possible, fertilising our self planted fruit trees from our own organic chemical free compost.

Organic gardening is a simple healthful way to convert living organisms into carbon compounds, a component of permaculture  that considers the whole of nature and its integral place in that scheme. Compost is the heart and soul of organic gardening and provides so many benefits. Adding organic matter to our garden means we have improved the structure, water holding capacity, and aeration of soils containing too much clay or too much sand. Compost is the most often recommended source of organic material as it contains a storehouse of nutrients.

A few Bananas from Sundeck Garden…

A few Bananas from Sundeck Garden

This organic compost produced here at Sundeck Gardens provides us with the corect environment to grow some tasty fruit trees. The advantages to growing fruit organically are obvious in the first bite. Our organic fruit is not covered in arsenic or wax which makes for a better flavor. Our list of fruit trees is very extencive, for a few examples see below:

Fig Trees

Passionfruit Trees

Orange Trees

And Bannana Trees.

We love to explain what we are doing in the gardens.

For a introduction to permaculture with garden tour during your visit please ask at reception on booking or checking in.