Surfing Maroochydore beach

The Sunshine Coast got some decent waves. Now, I am by no means a professional surfer, in fact, I am quite the opposite.  I had never surfed before; it was an alien experience to me but an exciting prospect.

Sundeck Gardens has the beach on its doorstep with the reputation for great surfing. So I thought it must be the time to bite the bullet and give it a whirl and what a beautiful location to have my first try.

First step: Get on the board. Lying on the board is the easy part, you just become like a whale. I could handle that. On a good day the sea can be forgiving and will calmly ease you in to its depths. On a bad day it’s a real struggle to get off the shore without swallowing a litre of sea water in the process.  Luckily for me it was a good day.

I was told that I must propel myself forward like a playful seal but I doubt I was that elegant. I eventually made it out with tired arms and the movement of the sea beneath me was spectacular.

Now was the tricky part, the waves. It can be a waiting game; you need to predict the direction of the waves and this is almost impossible, the sea is unpredictable. So I tried to stand and I failed many times but this is the process of surfing. You need to keep at it; it is not a sport for a defeatist.  I didn’t mind falling in, as long as I avoided cuts and bruises. The sea is like an old friend barking at my foolishness and it brought me memories of when I was a child, cementing my legs together and flopping in the pool like a mermaid.

To enjoy the sea like this is a completely different experience to swimming or sailing and its one I was glad to give a go!