Kitesurfing At Sundeck Gardens

If action sport is more your thing, here at Sundeck Gardens we have access to quite a few Kitesurfing schools.

The instructors at all the different schools have had many years of experience teaching kitesurfing lessons here in Maroochydore. If you choose to take a kitesurfing lesson in the Maroochydore area you will have the opportunity to fly some of the safest and high perfomance kites on the market which will give you the confidence to learn quickly and safely at the same time.

Kitesurfing is a great way to stay fit! Despite its appearance, you do not need to be strong to learn this sport… Let the wind do the work! Your core will be constantly working whilst kitesurfing giving your abs a great workout without even noticing it! Kite Surfing is a sport for all ages!!

For information on booking a lesson see Deb or Ian at the Sundeck Gardens reception where they can book you a lesson and provide you with up to date weather information.