Fantastic Fraser Island

There are those places in this world that are just so beautiful that they will make any photo look like it was taken by a professional photographer. But then, there are those extra special places that you could take hundreds of photos of and it is just impossible to capture its true jaw dropping beauty. Fraser Island was one of those places!

I was staying at Sundeck Gardens, and Fraser Island was just too close to not experience the beauty that this World Heritage site is known for. And the fact that planning my day trip to the island was as simple as making a reservation with reception, and getting picked up at the front door day-of, made it all to easy.

Once we were picked up bright and early just before six and had crossed the barge, our bumpy adventure had begun! After rocking back and forth as we slid through the sand tracks that were already established by previous four wheel drivers, our first stop was Central Station. When we arrived, we began our hour hike by spotting two baby Dingos. Though it was difficult to be fearful of these pups, we made sure to heed the warnings we were previously given, and kept our distance. We walked among the trees and along creeks with water so clear you thought it was just a path of sand.



We then made our way along 75 mile beach to Lake Wabby where we began our hot sandy hike uphill. And as we made it to the very top, the only thing in the world that we needed at the moment was standing right before us. A large, safe, fresh water lake just past the sand dune! It truly was heaven!


Before continuing on, we took a break for lunch where we enjoyed a delicious and authentic Bush BBQ. With full bellies, our next stop was to the colored sand cliffs of the Pinnacles, and then on to the ship Wreck of the Maheno that dates back to 1935. We then made our way to Eli Creek where the water was soo crystal clear and the current acted as a natural lazy river. We made our quick and swift exit as we spotted yet another Dingo.




Last stop of the day was the infamous Lake McKenzie. Even with a storm brewing, you could still see the stark colors in the water. And if the safe water lake wasn’t relaxing enough, the very white sand that Lake Mckenzie is known for is compiled of almost pure silica which is great for massaging the skin. We were heading back after a day full of adventure mixed with relaxation!

Though I absolutely  loved every minute of my time spent of the island, I could not wait to return to Sundeck Gardens to desand my self. Needless to say, I had a spot in the spa that evening with my name on it!